Get your life back from food and body image concerns.

Nutrition counselling to help you get free from body image worries, an eating disorder, disordered eating or years of dieting.

Sometimes food and body image worries can affect the rest of your life...

Perhaps you don’t feel like your old self, you might be constantly thinking about food, or friends and family are starting to notice that you have changed.

Claim Peace

Stop the up-and-down, round-and-round cycle you are stuck in; unearth a peaceful place with food and your body.

Heal from Diet Culture

Dieting can cause havoc in your life, it takes time and guidance to unlearn and relearn ‘not dieting’.

Gain Trust

Your body is your home, learn how to connect to your body when it comes to food and movement.

Every body is unique and equally deserving of kindness and acceptance.

With support from me you can cultivate a better relationship with food, eating and your body. Treat yourself – both body and mind – with compassion and respect.

You might be confused about how you got here or frustrated at not being able to “fix it” on your own. Together we can help you see the problem more clearly, and work to find answers

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”

- Hippocrates
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Ballarat based & telehealth

Hello, I'm Carly

  • Holistic care to nurture body and mind
  • Support that is personalised to you
  • A place to create connection
  • Feel understood and gain guidance